(stare at the white dot for 20 seconds)

(look away and blink repeatedly)

09 Sep 2021, 1 AM - 2 AM


This is some dreg... I slime my way through the streets every single day, carry myself up and down dirt trails, basically have to throw myself at coolers in order to stop satanic flames from burning my flesh off, peeled callus, charry coal, all that jazz. I still find peace in midday wandering down sidewalks, looking totally lost and dejected yet still stood tall and still, Kingly eye-shuffling scans the breakadawn to let me know the coast's clear, STAND YOUR GROUND, WHITE MAN, basking in the bluish-grey haze of an after-rain Purity zone. All while the cowboy cocked after-dinner fag's hanging from my lips, burning itself into an early tomb since it refuses to cool down. And I got 2 Ts.K's on two soulders, one telling me to ash on my tongue, and the other telling me to turn the goddamn music down because the bass is gonna break my ears. Who do I listen to, indeed?

Tonight's message is "Mind your manners, dreg..." I can feel it hammered into my skull. There's always someone watching!

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